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EA-1791: Final Environmental Assessment

University of Minnesota Wind Energy Research Consortium Project

DOE Golden Field Office is now considering whether to authorize the use of federal funds by the University of Minnesota (University) to design, permit, construct, and operate a 2.5-Megawatt (MW) Clipper Liberty wind turbine and an associated 34.5-kilovolt (kV) low-voltage transmission line at the University of Minnesota Outreach, Research, and Education Park (UMore Park) in Rosemount, Minnesota (referred to here as the Proposed Project). The Proposed Project would be located on a 212-acre section of land in the northeastern corner of the UMore Park property. The permanent construction-related footprint of the proposed turbine facility on the University‟s 7,822 acres of property would be approximately 0.6 acres. In addition to the proposed wind turbine and related infrastructure, DOE federal funds would pay for state-of-the- art sensors, measurement devices, and other equipment for use at UMore Park and other University research facilities. The total grant award to the University for the Proposed Project, including the wind turbine and associated research, is approximately $7.98 million. Including recipient cost share, the total cost of the University‟s Proposed Project is $11.16 million.The EA evaluates the potential individual and cumulative impacts of the Proposed Project. For purposes of comparison, this EA also evaluates the impacts that could occur if DOE did not provide funding (the No Action Alternative), under which DOE assumes that University would not proceed with the Proposed Project. Based on the analysis in this EA, DOE will either issue a Finding of No Significant Impact, which could include mitigation measures, or determine that it must prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.