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EA-1769: Draft Environmental Assessment

Battleground Energy Recovery Project Harris County, Texas

The proposed project is consistent with DOE’s goal of increased use of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects. The proposed project involves installation of a specifically designed waste heat recovery boiler on the existing kiln afterburner of an incineration unit at the CHDP facility. This boiler would use heat from the incinerator flue gases to generate high pressure superheated steam. The adjacent Dow Chemical plant would periodically consume part of the steam for process needs, replacing natural gas firing of existing boilers. The majority of the steam, however, would be piped to a new steam turbine-generator (STG). The STG would be installed in a new building adjacent to the existing CHDP facility. Additional waste heat steam from the neighboring Dow Chemical plant would be routed to the STG when available. A cooling tower would be installed adjacent to the new building in the northwest corner of the facility. The 8 MW of electricity generated by the STG would be used by the CHDP facility to offset purchased power; any excess power generated would be transmitted to the electrical grid.