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EA-1750: Finding of No Significant Impact

Smart Grid, Center for Commercialization of Electric Technology, Technology Solutions for Wind Integration in ERCOT, Houston, Texas

SUMMARY: DOE completed the Final Environmental Assessment for the Smart Grid, Center for Commercialization of Electric Technology (CCET), Technology Solutions for Wind lmegration in ERCOT, Houston, Texas (DOE/EA-1750). Based on the analysis in the environmental assessment (EA), DOE determined that its proposed action - providing a federal financial assistance grant to the CCET to facilitate the development and demonstration of a synergistic approach to managing fluctuations in wind power within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (EReOT) transmission grid - would result in no significant adverse impacts. DOE further determined that CCET's project would result in a minor reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and have a net beneficial impact on air quality in the region.