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EA-1722-SA-001: Supplement Analysis for an Environmental Assessment

Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative Application, Lancaster, OH

This Supplement Analysis evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the proposed modification to the original design of the Next-Generation Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Facility to approximately 67,000 ft2, would occur within the footprint of the existing Toxco site. The proposed expansion would not significantly change the analysis of impacts for any of the resource areas evaluated in the EA.

Therefore, DOE has determined that the proposed change to the project falls within the scope of analysis documented in the EA completed in April 2010. DOE has further determined that the potential impacts that may be associated with Toxco's proposed project, as well as the proposed change to that project, have been adequately evaluated by the EA and FONSI issued in April 2010. These findings remain valid, and therefore, a supplement to the EA, or any other additional NEPA analysis, is not needed at this time.