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EA-1640: Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

Transfer of Land and Facilities within the East Tennessee Technology Park and Surrounding Area, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

DOE proposes to convey up to approximately 1,800 acres of property located within and surrounding the ETTP. This property  includes the majority of the main ETTP plant area, Duct Island, a portion of the former K-25 Powerhouse Area, the K-1251 Barge Loading Area and the land adjacent to it, and land identified as Parcel ED-3. Areas that would not be conveyed include non-development areas and DOE-retained property (retained for a variety of uses or purposes). A large portion of the non-development area is already part of the Black Oak Ridge Conservation Easement (BORCE). The remaining non-development areas have limited development potential because of various constraints such as steep slopes, wetland and floodplain issues, existing infrastructure, and sensitive ecological resources. The DOE-retained property includes the K-1650 Central Control Facility, K-1039 and K-1039-1 Telecommunications Buildings, K-1070-C/D Burial Ground, K-806 and K-814 McKinney
Ridge Radio Repeater Stations, and the Transportation Safeguards Division Facility (a National Nuclear Security Administration facility). DOE would also retain custody, control, and maintenance of the cemeteries that are located within the area.