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EA-0179: Finding of No Significant Impact

Waste Form Selection for SRP High-Level Waste

The Department of Energy has prepared an environmental assessment (DOE/EA-0179) on the proposed selection of borosilicate glass as the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) waste form for the immobilization of the high-level radioactive wastes generated and stored at the DOE Savannah River Plant (SRP), Aiken, South Carolina. DOE recently decided to immobilize the SRP high-level radioactive wastes in the DWPF in preparation for transport to and disposal in a Federal repository (Federal Register, p. 23801, June 1, 1982). Selection of the DWPF waste form is the next step in the implementation of the disposal strategy. Based on the analyses in the assessment and in the environmental impact statement (DOE/EIS-0082) for the DWPF at SRP, a proposed finding of no significant impact has been prepared. The EA and proposed finding are being made available for Public review before the Department makes its final determination on whether to prepare an EIS. The Public review period will close *32779 August 30, 1982. Following completion of the Public review period, DOE will make its final determination whether to prepare an EIS.