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CX-010766: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Interim Storage Area for Interim Storage Containers (ISCs) at the Radioactive Scrap and Waste Facility (RSWF)
CX(s) Applied: B6.6
Date: 08/16/2013
Location(s): Idaho
Offices(s): Nuclear Energy

Currently, dedicated space is unavailable for above-grade storage of Interim Storage Containers (ISCs) containing 55-gal drums of remote handled transuranic waste (RH-TRU). In the past this waste was packaged in specially constructed liners and placed into the Radioactive Scrap and Waste Facility (RSWF). When ready for transfer this waste would then be removed from RSWF and transferred to CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC (CWI) where it was sorted and repackaged for shipment to Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). The construction of this new interim storage area is needed to eliminate special packaging and placement into RSWF in order to reduce costs and exposure associated with repackaging activities.