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CX-007149: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Gila-Knob Structure, Access Road Maintenance & Vegetation Removal Amendment 1
CX(s) Applied: B4.6
Date: 02/18/2011
Location(s): Yuma County, AZ; Imperial County, CA, Arizona, California
Office(s): Western Area Power Administration-Desert Southwest Region

Western proposes to conduct maintenance at structures of the existing Gila-Knob 161-kilovolt transmission line and any other structures east of 16/5, identified by maintenance crews while out in the field. This work will consist of replacing transmission poles, cross arms, cross braces and/or vegetation removal. Western also needs to repair erosion on the Imperial Irrigation District canal road and canal bank near structure 16-5. We will use existing access roads and vehicles such as pickup trucks, crew trucks, backhoes and bucket trucks to bring personnel and equipment to the work areas. This work is necessary to maintain the safety and reliability of the bulk electrical system.