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CX-005932: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant - North Carolina-City-Wilmington
CX(s) Applied: A9, A11, B2.5, B5.1
Date: 05/13/2011
Location(s): Wilmington, North Carolina
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. 1) Develop energy efficiency and conservation strategy, 2) energy efficiency retrofits at city facilities (lighting and fixture upgrades, occupancy sensors, plumbing upgrades, installing setback thermostats, and install water heater time clocks) and replace roof, retrofit plumbing fixtures, thermostats, occupancy sensors, and lighting fixture replacements at Thalin Hall, 3) conduct feasibility study for solar photovoltaic system, and 4) install roof-top solar photovoltaic system (approximately 73 kilowatts) at Fleet Management Building and (approximately 47 kilowatts) at Traffic Building.