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CX-005843: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Upgrade Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner Supply and D-119/120 Lab Mods, 735-A
CX(s) Applied: B1.15
Date: 03/28/2011
Location(s): Aiken, South Carolina
Office(s): Environmental Management, Savannah River Operations Office

Existing labs D-119 and D-120 in D-Wing of Building 735-A shall be converted to expand work presently being performed by Non-Proliferation Technology (NT) in labs D-117 and D-115. Modifications to labs D-119 and D-120 will essentially duplicate the existing layout, airflow and lab services that are currently provided in labs D-117 and D-115, respectively. Project to provide design, procure engineered and bulk SSCs, perform development and reserach, install and turnover all necessary facility modifications to support the installation and operation of new laboratory equipment in 735-A Labs D-119/120. The new lab equipment (furnaces, ovens and still) will be installed by N&HS. Labs D-119/120 are Class 10,000 Clean Rooms that have special cleanliness and entrance requirements. A new dedicated Supply Air scrubber will remove ambient background tritium from incoming air supplied by the Air Handling Unit Fan and its performance will essentially duplicate the existing scrubber that conditions the supply air fed to labs D-117/115. Process Cooling water will be supplied to the scrubber at 12 gallons per minute and its effluent will be pumped to an overhead building rain water collection drain line that runs to the Storm Drain system. The new scrubber will be located north of the existing scrubber which is located on the D-Wing Service Floor of the building.