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CX-004356: Categorical Exclusion Determination

CX(s) Applied: A9, B2.5, B5.1
Date: 11/02/2010
Location(s): Bloomington, Indiana
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. 1) Perform energy audits on six city-owned facilities 2) complete Energy Efficiency retrofits--replace garage door at the Traffic Division Facility, 3) install day/lighting controls and window solar covers to Showers City Hall Building, 4) add blown-in fiberglass insulation to attic of Bloomington Fire Department Headquarters, 5) optimization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ductwork repair, install insulation, and modify the lighting system from metal halide to fluorescent units at the SportsPlex Community Center, 6) install new light-emitting diode street lights, and 7) purchase and install solar trash compactors reducing the number of garage pick-ups in downtown area.