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CX-004155: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Low-Drift Ultra-High Temperature Thermal Sensors Phase III
CX(s) Applied: B3.6, B5.1
Date: 09/17/2010
Location(s): Roanoke, Virginia
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A low-drift temperature sensor is proposed for nuclear reactor use which supports the Generation-IV (Gen-IV) and Nuclear Hydrogen Initiatives. This sensor will enable safe operation of these new reactors at peak efficiencies, which in turn will reduce the U.S. dependency on foreign oil while simultaneously reducing emission of green house gasses. In Phase III, Luna Innovations proposes to irradiate fiber optic sensors for temperature measurement in the Idaho National Labs (INL) Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) and perform post irradiation evaluation (PIE). Luna proposes to work with INL to develop the required test facilities and support and also further optimize the sensor construction procedure, quality control in preparation for installing the sensors into the ATR.