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CX-002675: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Main Injector Neutrino Experiment v-A Test (MINERvA) Beam Detector Calibration Experiment
CX(s) Applied: B3.6
Date: 05/27/2010
Location(s): Illinois
Office(s): Fermi Site Office, Science

The proposed Main Injector Neutrino ExperRiment v-A (MINERvA) is to make detailed neutrino nucleus cross section measurements over a range of energies (one to tens of giga-electron volts) and target nuclei (helium, hydrocarbon, carbon, iron, lead). A MINERvA Test Beam Detector would be constructed and receive a test beam at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) Test Beam Facility. The detector would be approximately 1.1 meters square and roughly two meters long and the frame that would contain the active components would be approximately 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters by 3 meters in size. The MINERvA Test Beam Detector would utilize a gas mixture of argon and carbon dioxide that would be vented to the air.