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CX-002560: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Energy Efficiency Retrofits
CX(s) Applied: B2.2, B2.5, A1, B5.1
Date: 05/18/2010
Location(s): Covina, California
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Discussions with the City's electricity provider, Southern California Edison (SCE), San Gabriel Valley Council of Government (COG) member cities, and City staff revealed that increasing the efficiency of existing buildings represents one of the best opportunities for immediate and cost-effective reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by Covina. In order to improve the performance of existing buildings and facilities, lower the City's energy costs, and reduce GHG emissions, the City plans to retrofit numerous facilities. Specifically, energy conservation measures will be implemented at minimum at the library, yard, recreation hall, city hall, police department, parks and recreation building facilities, Joslyn center, and teen center.