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CX-000837: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Unneeded Materials and Chemicals Construction Waste (4493)
CX(s) Applied: B6.1, B6.8
Date: 02/11/2010
Location(s): Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Office(s): Y-12 Site Office

This project would collect all construction waste identified in 2006 and excess through plant sales, recycle through plant scrap metal recycle program, dispose in Y-12 on-site landfill, or ship to Nevada Test Site. The material list shows the materials to be at various locations, such as 9720-73, 9420, constructions 90 yard (adjacent to 90 day Resource Conservation and Recovery Act yard) and the 9720-8 pad. Examples of material are as follows: wrenches, other hand tools, file cabinets, electric motors, batteries, pipe benders, jacks, saws, generators, one 18 ton crane.