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CX-000592: Categorical Exclusion Determination

25A3400 - Catalytic Biocrude Production in a Novel, Short-contact Time Reactor
CX(s) Applied: B3.6
Date: 12/15/2009
Location(s): North Carolina
Office(s): Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy

The goal of this early stage research and development project is to develop a novel single-step catalytic biomass pyrolysis process with high carbon conversion efficiency to produce stable bio-crude with low oxygen content (less than 10 percent). Integrating this transformational technology in the existing domestic petroleum refining infrastructure can be an economically attractive option for second generation biofuels production because hydrogen demand for hydroprocessing would be significantly lower. This technology, once fully commercialized, has the potential to reduce the demand for imported petroleum (thus enhancing national security) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing fossil fuel with biofuels while creating new jobs in the developing biofuels industry, particularly in rural areas of the United States.