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CX-000257: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Maryland County Baltimore
CX(s) Applied: A9, A11, B2.2, B5.1
Date: 12/20/2009
Location(s): Baltimore County, Maryland
Office(s): Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Golden Field Office

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant for: Renovation for the Green Resource Center, Energy Audits for Business & Government Structures, Revolving Loan Fund, Energy Retrofits for Governments Buildings, Residential Retrofits, Residential Retrofits (Audits), Energy Conservation Public Outreach/Education and Tracking, (Sheet 1) Energy Efficiency & Conservation for Building & Facilities, (Sheet 2) Energy Efficiency & Conservation for Building & Facilities, Development & Implementation of Transportation Programs, Replacement of Outdoor Lighting with Energy Efficient Options on County Property.