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Categorical Exclusion Determinations: B1.8

Existing Regulations

B1.8: Screened water intake and outflow structures
Modifications to screened water intake and outflow structures such that intake velocities and volumes and water effluent quality and volumes are consistent with existing permit limits.


  • January 26, 2014

    Routine Maintenance Activities
    CX(s) Applied: B1.3, B1.4, B1.5, B1.6, B1.7, B1.8, B1.11, B1.13, B1.15, B1.16, B1.17, B1.21, B1.22, B1.23, B1.27, B1.28, B1.31, B1.32, B2.1, B2.2, B2.3, B2.5
    Date: 01/26/2014
    Location(s): New Jersey
    Offices(s): Princeton Site Office

  • November 8, 2012

    Brigham City Hydro Generation Project
    CX(s) Applied: B1.8, B5.2
    Date: 11/08/2012
    Location(s): Utah
    Offices(s): Golden Field Office

  • July 16, 2012

    Routine Maintenance
    CX(s) Applied: B1.3, B1.4, B1.8, B1.16, B1.17
    Date: 07/16/2012
    Location(s): Washington
    Offices(s): Pacific Northwest Site Office

  • December 13, 2010

    MetalZorb Best Management Practice for Storm Water Outfall K-02
    CX(s) Applied: B1.8
    Date: 12/13/2010
    Location(s): Aiken, South Carolina
    Office(s): Savannah River Operations Office

  • November 16, 2009

    Weir Box for Tensleep Discharge
    CX(s) Applied: B1.3, B1.5, B1.8
    Date: 11/16/2009
    Location(s): Casper, Wyoming
    Office(s): RMOTC