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Categorical Exclusion Determinations: A14

Existing Regulations

A14: Approval of technical exchange arrangements
Approval of technical exchange arrangements for information, data, or personnel with other countries or international organizations (including, but not limited to, assistance in identifying and analyzing another country's energy resources, needs and options).

Previous Regulations

Categorical Exclusion Determinations dated before November 14th, 2011 were issued under previous DOE NEPA regulations. See the Notice of Final Rulemaking (76 FR 63763, 10/13/2011) for information changes to this categorical exclusion.


  • August 16, 2010

    Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture for Existing Post-Combustion Boilers by Self-Concentrating Amine Absorbent
    CX(s) Applied: A9, A11, A14
    Date: 08/16/2010
    Location(s): San Francisco, California
    Office(s): Fossil Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory