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Repository Reference Disposal Concepts and Thermal Load Management Analysis

A disposal concept consists of three parts: waste inventory (7 waste types examined), geologic setting (e.g., clay/shale, salt, crystalline, other sedimentary), and the engineering concept of operations (range of generic operational concepts examined). Two major categories for waste package emplacement modes are identified: 1) “open” where extended ventilation can remove heat for many years following waste emplacement underground; and 2) “enclosed” modes for clay/shale and salt media where waste packages are emplaced in direct or close contact with natural or engineered materials which may have temperature limits that constrain thermal loading. This report summarizes the work on both enclosed and open mode disposal concepts, thermal analysis of open modes, a range of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) burnup, additional disposal system description, and cost estimation. These help inform development of waste management strategies and decision making.