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RD&D Study Plan for Advancement of Science and Engineering Supporting Geologic Disposal in Bedded Salt— March 2013 Workshop Outcomes

This report defines a key set of RD&D activities to support a safety case for disposal of heat generating radioactive waste, such as used nuclear fuel (UNF) or high-level nuclear waste (HLW), in a generic bedded salt repository, given the current state of knowledge. The recommended RD&D activities are based on the outcomes of a DOE workshop held March 6-7, 2013. The workshop goal was to formulate an expert consensus on the relative importance of various technical issues and recommending RD&D activities to address them (with modeling studies, laboratory studies, and field testing) based on expected relevance to the objectives and goals of a safety case for a generic bedded salt repository, as well as the ability to help resolve any remaining uncertainties with associated technical issues. Recommendations are being implemented in planning future work.