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Natural System Evaluation and Tool Development FY11 Progress Report

The report describes selected aspects of progress for four major tasks: (1) development of a detailed R&D plan for natural system evaluation and tool development; (2) in-depth analsis of key attributes and new concepts identified in the R&D plan; (3) preliminary demonstration of new modeling and experimental tools; and (4) conceptual design of a databse for natural system evaluation.

This includes discussions related to: 1) discrete fracture network simulation; 2) spatial heterogeneity in Kd; 3) literature review of radionuclide interactions with clay/clay minerals; 4) behavior of aqueous Pu(IV) and intrinsic Pu(IV) nanocolloids; 5) mechanical response of clay, shale, and other rock types; 6) TOUGH-FLAC thermal-hydrological-mechanical code; 7) experimental techniques for characterizing microstructure of ER salt and testing the stability of ER salt in a repository environment; 8) international investigations.