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Implementation Plan and Initial Development of Nuclear Concrete Materials Database for Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program

The FY10 activities for development of a nuclear concrete materials database to support the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program are summarized. The database will be designed and constructed using the ORNL materials database infrastructure established for the Gen IV Materials Handbook to achieve cost reduction and development efficiency. In Phase I, a static database will be developed to manage searchable documents from the Structural Materials Handbook that contains information on nuclear concrete materials; and in Phase II, a dynamic database will be constructed to manage digitized nuclear concrete materials data to facilitate further electronic and mathematical processing of the data for analysis, modeling, and design applications.

In FY10, the following activities were completed: An implementation plan was made for the database development. Information sensitivity of the database was evaluated in compliance with the ORNL cyber security regulations; and based on the evaluation, access control requirements for the database were determined. Assessment was also made on the accessibility of the source information for the database, and procedures were developed for converting the source information into formats that are needed for database construction. Organization of the source information was reviewed, and according to the review results, database structure for the Phase I development was designed. The software and hardware components required for the database construction were also acquired. Up to the end of FY10, all the development activities were successfully completed on schedule as planned.