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FY 2013 Summary Report: Post-Irradiation Examination of Zircaloy-4 Samples in Target Capsules and Initiation of Bending Fatigue Testing for Used Nuclear Fuel Vibration Integrity Investigations

The R&D objective for this work is to conduct the separate effects tests (SET) and small-scale tests that have been identified in the Used Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Data Gap Prioritization (FCRD-USED-2012-000109). R&D activities conducted during fiscal year 2013 are provided and include information derived from: 1) irradiation of hydrogen-doped zircaloy cladding in High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR); 2) mechanical properties of first batch of cladding irradiated in HFIR; and, 3) initiation of activities to conduct fuel bend testing based on processes and protocols developed to support similar testing for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This contributes to investigation and better understanding of cladding (HFIR used to simulate the effects of high burnup on fuel cladding) materials performance in extended storage and transportation. In the future, baseline data generated from these activities will be used to benchmark hot-cell testing of actual high-burnup UNF cladding.