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Enhancements to Generic Disposal System Modeling Capabilities Rev2

Contributions are described for the development of an enhanced generic disposal system modeling and analysis capability that takes advantage of high-performance computing (HPC) environments to simulate the important multi-physics phenomena and couplings associated with a geologic repository for UNF and HLW. The enhanced disposal system analysis capability employs the HPC-capable PFLOTRAN multi-physics code to support (1) the evaluation of disposal system performance, including uncertainty, for a range of disposal options (e.g., salt, granite, clay, and deep borehole disposal); and (2) the prioritization of R&D activities in terms of importance to system performance. Simulation results reported provide preliminary insights into the important multi-physics processes and couplings controlling long-term performance for the generic reference case salt repository. Reference cases were also developed for generic granite and clay repositories; far-field flow and transport simulations were performed demonstrating compatibility with an enhanced PA model.