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Program Assignments

Office of Headquarters Procurement Services (MA-64)
Program Assignments

Office of Headquarters Procurement Services (MA-64)

Mark C. Brady, Director, 287-1389
Patricia Davies, Acting Deputy Director, 586-8975

CORPORATE SERVICES OFFICE – Barry Ross, Director, MA-64.1, 287-5484

Competition Advocate
Contracting Activity Task/Delivery Order Ombudsman
Policy Flashes
Independent Review

Craig Ashline – 287-1412

Acquisition Planning Coordinator
Balanced Scorecard Program Officer
Federal Manager’s Financial Integrity Act Action Officer
Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence Point-of-Contact
Inspector General/Government Accountability Office Liaison
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer

Deborah Black - 287-1416

Contractual Services Budget Officer
Headquarters Purchase Card Program
Headquarters Contract Closeout 
Headquarters Data Mining Programs

Ryan Miller (Acting) – 287-1487

Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program
Loan Guarantee Program

Paula Frickey – 287-1515

Past Performance Database Program Administrator

Benjamin Lardizabal – 287-1014

Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

Fred Dann – 287-1408

Acquisition Career Development Program Site Office Coordinator
Continuous Learning Program Coordinator
Contracting Officer Warrant Program Administrator
Correspondence Tracking System Action Officer
Financial Assistance Career Development Program Coordinator
Organizational Property Management Officer
Subcontract Reporting System Representative

Michael Raizen – 287-1512

Congressional Notifications Liaison Officer
Contract Specialist Guide/KnowledgeNet Administrator
Customer Service Program Manager
Green Acquisition Advocate
Indirect Rate Contracting Officer
Procurement Policy Advisory Group (PPAG) Representative
Small Business Outreach Program Representative
STRIPES On-Site Administrator
VPO Content Manager

Mary Jones – 287-1570

Past Performance Database Program Administrator (Alternate)
STRIPES On-Site Administrator (Alternate)
Workload and Special Report Retrieval

OPERATIONS DIVISION A – Richard Leotta, Director, MA-641, 287-1422

Independent Contracting Officer – Monica Serrano, MA-641, 287-1411
Office of the Chief Information Officer (IM)
Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CF-40 only)

Operations Branch A-1 (MA-641.1) – Arness Harris, Team Leader, 287-1601

Office of Environmental Management (EM)
Office of Health, Safety and Security (HS) (HS-70)
Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (IN)
Office of Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (NA)
Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (NE)
Office of Science (SC)

Operations Branch A-2 (MA-641.2) – Matt Parker, Team Leader, 287-1303

Office of Health, Safety and Security (HS) (HS-1.2, HS-1.3, HS-50, HS-80, and HS-90)
National Nuclear Security Administration Programs (NNSA) (NA)
Office of Legacy Management (LM)

Operations Branch A-3 (MA-641.3) – Timothy Jackson, Team Leader, 287-1472

Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs (CI)
Energy Information Administration (EI-10 only)
Chief Information Officer (IM)
Office of Hearings and Appeals (HG)
Office of Public Affairs (PA)

OPERATIONS DIVISION B – John Harris, Director, MA-642, 287-1471

Energy Information Administration (EIA) (except EI-10)

Operations Branch B-1 (MA-642.1) – Ryan Miller, Team Leader, 287-1487

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE)
Fossil Energy (FE)
National Academy of Sciences (All Programs)
National Institute of Standards & Technology (All Programs)

Operations Branch B-2 (MA-642.2) – Donna Williams, Team Leader, 287-1572

Office of Economic Impact and Diversity (ED)
Office of Health, Safety and Security (HS) (HS-1.1, HS-10, HS-20, HS-30, HS-40, and HS-60)
Policy and International Affairs (PI)
Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE)

Operations Branch B-3 (MA-642.3) – Albert Manley, Team Leader, 287-1438

Simplified Acquisitions under $150,000
Office of the Secretary of Energy (S)
Office of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (AB)
Relocation Services Delivery Orders (All Programs)
Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (HC)
Office of Management (MA)
Office of Chief Financial Officer (excludes CF-40)
Office of General Counsel (GC)
Office of Inspector General (IG)