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Chief Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer Report for FY2009

The Secretary of Energy issued a message to all DOE federal and contractor employees institutionalizing the Department’s commitment to openness and promptness in responding to FOIA requests. In addition, the Chief FOIA Officer notified the Heads of all Departmental elements of their responsibilities regarding the President’s and Attorney General’s memorandums on FOIA. The Department also instituted training for all DOE federal and contractor employees with FOIA responsibilities. The training covered the direction set forth in the memorandums including the proper application of exemptions and FOIA procedures. Language has also been included in our response letters referencing the Attorney General’s memorandum, our commitment to openness and our responsibility to segregate releasable information and provide as much as possible to the requester when full disclosure is not possible. 2010_3_3_1645_Chief_FOIA_Officers_report_Ver_FINAL.pdf