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2015 DOE Project Management Workshop

What:  2015 DOE Acquisition and Project Management (APM) Workshop

When:  March 24, 25, 26 2015 (Tue, Wed, Thu)

Where:  Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, 900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204 
              (Lunch will not be included in this year's program)

Who:  DOE FPDs/Staff, Program/Staff Office Reps, and Contracting Officers supporting APM.

Costs:  There is no cost to attend, but out-of-town attendees are responsible for their own transportation and lodging expenses.

Transportation:  TBD

Registration Steps:
1- Complete the online registration form (Includes sign-up for optional PMCDP training)
2- Make your transportation reservations. (If traveling)
3- Reserve your hotel room.  (If traveling)

Continuous Learning Points: Attendees at the PM Workshop can earn Continuing Learning Points (CLPs) for each day of attendance in addition to earning CLPs for the optional PMCDP training. 

Agenda: TBD

Presentations:  TBD

Biographies:  TBD

Attendees:  List of attendees is available here.


Questions?  Please send any questions or comments to: