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Can a loan be disbursed prior to the completion of a NEPA review?

No, a loan can only be approved once the NEPA review process has been completed.

Do the certification required by Section 611.101 (a) and the written assurance required by Section 611.101(m) have to be signed by a responsible officer of the applicant?

Yes, both the certification and written assurance must be signed by a responsible officer of the applicant.

How will the evaluation process work?

The evaluation process will include four steps. In the first step, an application will be reviewed to see if it is substantially complete. If it is not DOE will notify the applicant what additional information it needs to provide DOE. Once an application is substantially complete, in the second step, the applicant and the project will be evaluated to determine if they are eligible for the ATVMIP. If they are not eligible, the application review process will end. If both the applicant and the proposed project are eligible, in the third step, the proposed project will be evaluated, potential terms and conditions of a loan will be developed and a decision will be made whether to make a loan. The fourth and final step is the negotiation and, if the negotiation is successful, the closing of the loan. The entire process will involve dialogue and exchange of information between the applicant and DOE in each step.

Does a determination that an application is substantially complete mean that DOE has determined that the applicant and project are eligible for a loan?

No. The determination of substantial completeness is the first step in the review process. Applicant and project eligibility are determined in the second step of the review process.

Is there an application form that must be used to apply for a loan?

No, applicants are required to submit the information as set forth in §611.101 of the Interim Final Rule.

How do I apply for the grant program?

Congress has not appropriated funds for the grant program at this time. Accordingly, no applications are being accepted for the grant program.

When are loan applications due?

Applications are currently being received on a rolling basis.

If my application contains company proprietary or confidential information, how should I mark such information to ensure it is not made public?

If elements and/or attachments of an application contain information the applicant considers to be trade secret, confidential, privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA, 5 U.S.C. 552), the applicant shall assert a claim of exemption at the time of application by placing a notice of restricted text on the first page of the application; in addition, the applicant should specify the page or pages of the application containing restricted text.

Can funding from the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program (ATVMIP) be included in the determination of financial viability?

The statute and the Interim Final Rule require that the recipient of a loan be “financially viable without the receipt of additional Federal funding associated with the proposed eligible project.” Funds received (or anticipated to be received) from the ATVMIP program itself may not be counted when determining financial viability.

To what extent can qualifying components and engineering integration be used in vehicles that are manufactured outside the United States?

The project for which funding is sought must be performed in the United States. Moreover, the advanced technology vehicle to which that project is related must be sold in the United States.

In the fuel economy eligibility chart at the top of page 66728 of the November 12th Federal Register are the values for cargo van correct?

No, the values on that page for cargo vans for “2005 Fuel economy average” and “2005 mpg x 125%” should read 19.9 and 24.8 respectively.

Will DOE allocate set amounts of the available loan funds to manufacturers of advanced technology vehicles and manufacturers of qualifying components?


Is there a small business set aside for loans?

No, the small business set aside is only applicable for the grant program.

Are loans available for research and development projects?

No, the ATVM program was not intended to support research and development. Section 611.100 of the Interim Final Rule describes who may be eligible for loans. To be eligible, an applicant must be an automobile manufacturer or an automobile component manufacturer.

Have the wire instructions in the solicitation been updated?

Yes, the updated instructions are located here .