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Climate Change Adaptation


The Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) team affirms the overall DOE commitment to plan for and manage the short and long-term effects of climate change on its mission, policies, programs and operations. This team helps identify vulnerabilities to the LM mission based on climate science and ways to prepare for or increase resiliency to potential effects. The CCA team helps implement DOE Order 436.1, the DOE SSPP, EO 13423, EO 13514, and EO 13653 in support of the President’s Climate Action Plan.

Major U.S. climate change regions identified by the U.S. Global Change Research Program.


  • Improve understanding of climate change effects and impacts.
  • Improve understanding of climate change vulnerabilities and risk.
  • Improve climate resiliency of all LM sites.

Key Expectations

  • Advocate an improved understanding of climate science as it relates to LM facilities and operations.
  • Work with other agencies to improve understanding of climate change and to develop partnerships for information exchange.
  • Help assess vulnerabilities and opportunities to increase resiliency.
  • Encourage updates to applicable emergency response and facility/site plans.