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Technical Assistance

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy provides federally recognized Indian Tribes, including Alaska Native villages, tribal energy resource development organizations, and other organized tribal groups and communities, with technical assistance to advance tribal energy projects. 


Technical experts from DOE and its national laboratories, along with other partnering organizations, provide up to 40 hours per year of in-depth support to assist tribes and Alaska Native villages with strategic energy planning, project development, and climate change preparedness and resiliency. The goal of the technical assistance is to address a specific challenge or fulfill a need that is essential to a current project's successful implementation. The intended result is a tangible product or specific deliverable designed to help move a project forward. Learn more about on-request technical assistance.

START Program

The Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) Program assists in the development of tribal renewable energy projects. Through START, Tribes in the 48 contiguous states and Alaska can apply for and are selected to receive technical assistance from DOE and national laboratory experts to move projects closer to implementation. Learn more about the START Program