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Alaska Strategic Energy Plan and Planning Handbook

The Alaska Strategic Energy Plan and Planning Handbook, published by the Office of Indian Energy, is a tool for Alaska Native Villages and communities to use in achieving energy goals in both the near- and long-term. This Handbook intends to help Alaska Native leaders and community members define their unique energy goals and priorities through stakeholder input, dialog, and consensus-building. The Handbook:

  • Provides a step-by-step process that Alaska Native villages and communities may wish to use as a roadmap for discussion and decisions related to strategic energy planning and energy project prioritization
  • Includes blank text boxes for communities to input their own information and outcomes from energy planning discussions
  • Automatically compiles the data entered into the text boxes into a cohesive summary at the end of the document, in effect establishing the community’s strategic energy plan.

The inclusiveness of this planning process intends to cultivate broad community buy-in, promoting the likelihood that the energy goals and priorities established last over time and can stand alone or be incorporated into part of a Native community’s economic development plan, sustainability plan, climate action plan, or master plan.