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U.S. Departmetn of Energy, Office of Inspector General, Annaul Peformance Report FY 2009, Annual Performance Plan Fy 2010

I am pleased to present the Office of Inspector General’s combined Fiscal Year 2009 Annual
Performance Report and Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Performance Plan.
On February 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act)
was enacted. Under the Recovery Act, the Department of Energy received just under $40
billion for various energy, environmental and science programs and initiatives. The
Recovery Act also created the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, in
recognition of the need for effective oversight to protect taxpayer’s interest. Under the
statue, the Department of Energy’s Inspector General is a member of the Board
In support of the objectives outlined in the Recovery Act, this office has developed and is
executing a multi-phase strategy designed to provide the most effective oversight possible of
Recovery Act activities, with available resources. Our goal is to work with Department
management to maximize the Recovery Act’s efforts to achieve accountability and
Moving forward, we plan to continue our focus on helping management achieve the
programmatic objectives of the Recovery Act, as they apply to the Department of Energy.
We also plan to address other Departmental Management Challenges identified by this
office, including: Contract Administration, Cyber Security, Energy Supply, Environmental
Cleanup, Human Capital Management, Safeguards and Security, and Stockpile Stewardship.