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Special Report: OAS-SR-10-02

July 29, 2010

Resolution of Questioned, Unresolved and Potentially Unallowable Costs Incurred in Support of the YuccaMountain Project

The Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments of 1987 designated Yucca Mountain in Southwestern Nevada as the site for a national geologic repository for high-level nuclear waste. The Department of Energy assigned management of the program to the Office of Civilian Nuclear Waste Management (OCRWM). Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC (BSC) was the management and operating contractor for OCRWM's Yucca Mountain Project from April 1, 2001, until its contract with the Department ended on March 31, 2009. In early 2009, the Department indicated that it intended to terminate the Project and is moving to shut down all activities by September 30, 2010.

Topic: Management & Administration