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Audit Report: OAS-B-03-02

May 6, 2003

Planning for National Nuclear Security Administration Infrastructure

The mission of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is to strengthen the security of the United States by applying nuclear science and technology to military purposes, and by reducing the global threat from weapons of mass destruction. To carry out its mission, NNSA must ensure the vitality and readiness of the nuclear weapons complex. However, as highlighted in numerous studies by NNSA, the Office of Inspector General, and other outside organizations, the key infrastructure in the nuclear weapons program has deteriorated significantly following the end of the Cold War. To address this problem, NNSA established the Facility and Infrastructure Recapitalization Program (FIRP). The mission of the FIRP is to restore, rebuild, and revitalize the physical infrastructure of the nuclear weapons complex by applying new, increased, direct appropriations to address an integrated prioritized list of infrastructure and repair projects.