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Calendar Year 1995

  • 1995-12-01 - Report IG-0382:
    Audit of the Department of Energy's Site Safeguards and Security Plans 
  • 1995-10-27 - Report IG-0381:
    Audit of Management and Operating Contractor Overtime Costs 
  • 1995-10-20 - Report WR-B-96-04:
    Audit of Fuel Processing Restoration Property 
  • 1995-10-18 - Report WR-B-96-03:
    Audit of Construction Management at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory 
  • 1995-10-11 - Report IG-0380:
    Report on "Audit of the Department of Energy's Transportation Accident Resistant Container Program" 
  • 1995-10-06 - Report WR-B-96-02:
    Audit of Construction of an Environmental, Safety, and Health Analytical Laboratory at the Pantex Plant 
  • 1995-10-02 - Report WR-B-96-01:
    Audit of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Cost Sharing Between the Department of Energy and Los Alamos County 
  • 1995-09-08 - Report IG-0379:
    Report on Audit of Bonneville Power Administration's Energy Resource Programs 
  • 1995-09-08 - Report WR-B-95-08:
    Audit of Subsidized Ancillary Services at the Nevada Test Site 
  • 1995-08-28 - Report IG-0378:
    Report on Follow-up Inspection of the Double Funding of Security for Special Nuclear Material at Richland Operations 
  • 1995-08-03 - Report ER-B-95-06:
    Audit of Work Force Restructuring at the Oak Ridge Operations Office 
  • 1995-08-03 - Report IG-0377:
    Report on "Inspection of Westinghouse Savannah River Company Fees for Managing and Operating the Savannah River Site" 
  • 1995-08-02 - Report IG-0376:
    Audit of Program Administration by the Office of Energy Research 
  • 1995-07-31 - Report AP-B-95-02:
    Audit of Selected Aspects of the Unclassified Computer Security Program at a DOE Headquarters Computing Facility 
  • 1995-07-26 - Report INS-9502:
    Report on Inspection of Analytical Laboratories Oversight at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 
  • 1995-07-14 - Report ER-B-95-05:
    Audit of Acquisition of Scientific Research at Ames Laboratory 
  • 1995-06-30 - Report CR-B-95-06:
    Audit of Department of Energy Support Service Contracting 
  • 1995-06-26 - Report ER-B-95-04:
    Audit of the Replacement High Level Waste Evaporator at Savannah River 
  • 1995-06-20 - Report IG-0374:
    Audit of the DOE's Commercial Laboratory Quality Assurance Evaluation Program 
  • 1995-06-20 - Report IG-0375:
    Audit of the Department of Energy's Management of Precious Metals 
  • 1995-06-20 - Report WR-B-95-07:
    Consultant Subcontracting at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory 
  • 1995-05-19 - Report IG-0373:
    Audit of Administration of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements at DOE National Laboratories 
  • 1995-05-09 - Report IG-0372:
    Inspection of Power Purchase Contracts at the Western Area Power Administration 
  • 1995-04-07 - Report IG-0371:
    Audit of the Department of Energy's Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory 
  • 1995-03-29 - Report IG-0370:
    Audit of Staffing Requirements for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 
  • 1995-03-22 - Report IG-0369:
    Report on Inspection of Los Alamos National Laboratory's System for Controlling Cost Overruns on Work-for-Others Projects 
  • 1995-03-20 - Report IG-0368:
    Audit of the Richland Operations Office Site Characterization Program 
  • 1995-03-16 - Report IG-0367:
    Report on Inspection of an Intelligence Work-For-Others Project at the Idaho Operations Office 
  • 1995-02-23 - Report WR-B-96-05:
    Audit of Consultant Agreements at Los Alamos National Laboratory 
  • 1995-02-15 - Report IG-0366: Audit of Management of the Site Characterization Program at Yucca Mountain