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Workforce Retention

The HSS Workforce Retention Work Group was established to collaboratively address the needs of the Department to maintain a skilled work force in the face of anticipated retirements and to address the specific health and safety concerns of that work force that could impede retention.

  • Better understand relationship between skilled workforce retention; health, safety and productivity; and especially preventive health care.
  • Inform and support improvement and/or development of wellness, fitness, and prevention programs through data collections and analyses.
  • Promote the implementation of preventive health services designed to assure retention of the contractor work force.
  • The HSS/University of Maryland - Health and Productivity Questionnaire (HPQ) Survey Report has been finalized and published. The report is an analysis of a study/survey conducted at several DOE sites to better understand the relationship between health and productivity management.
    Report Summary Poster
  • Near-term publication of an update to 10 CFR 1046, Physical Protection of Security Interest - Randy Lawson, President of the National Council of Security Police, and International Guards Union of America identified this accomplishment as the single most significant step toward Pro-Force workforce retention in over 20 years.