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Environment, Safety and Health Assessments

Environment, Safety and Health Assessments, within the Office of Enforcement and Oversight, is responsible for conducting independent reviews of DOE sites, facilities, organizations, and operations in the areas of safety and emergency management, with particular emphasis on the unique hazards associated with nuclear operations. The goal is to provide objective and accurate information to DOE managers and other stakeholders about safety and emergency management policies and performance to identify areas where improvements are needed. We strive to provide balanced reports that identify areas of effective performance as well as weaknesses. We also strive to efficiently analyze complex activities and operations with an eye toward providing constructive and insightful assessments within a context that helps line management identify a path forward to make needed improvements. We meet these challenges through the competence and dedication of our staff and our proactive efforts to coordinate with line management before, during, and after inspection activities.

Our program is implemented primarily through two main program elements - a Site Lead Program and a Targeted Review Program. The Site Lead Program is utilized to select, scope, and plan independent oversight reviews that are tailored to the facilities, activities, and conditions at a particular site. An office staff member is designated as the Site Lead for each DOE site with nuclear facilities or activities. The Site Leads are responsible for maintaining operational awareness of the status of nuclear facilities and operations through meetings, site visits, tours, issue status reviews, and reviews of operational, assessment and performance data. The information gained through these activities is then utilized to make informed decisions about independent oversight reviews that are specific to the conditions at that site. The Targeted Review Program is utilized to look across the Department at specific functional areas. Topics are selected based on such factors as performance trends, new or changed nuclear safety requirements, and the need for additional information to assess the status and adequacy of site nuclear safety documentation and its implementation. In addition to the Site Lead and Targeted Review Programs, we also conduct special reviews and studies of safety and emergency management topics and activities where warranted based on circumstances or performance, at the request of line management, or as directed by senior DOE management or the Chief, Health, Safety and Security Officer.

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