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Outreach and Collaboration

The HSS Outreach Program is an effort to establish collaboration between HSS and constituent organizations with the mutual goals and objectives of improving the health, safety, environmental and security performance at DOE sites. Such collaborations ensure that we can achieve the HSS mission, while at the same time further improve our policies and programs to meet the needs of our stakeholders and partners. This collaboration - with the best-in-class industry, academia, workers, and the local community - is essential for DOE's future effectiveness and value. 

Outreach Program goals:

  • To promote dialogue and establish an ongoing collaborative relationship with organizations both internal and external to the DOE community.

  • To take the approach that outreach is a "two-way street" engagement with our constituents, rather than just solely disseminating information about our policies and programs.

  • To connect the HSS policies and practices to those of its affected constituencies - stakeholders in areas of mutual interest and concern related to health, safety, security and the environment. The stakeholders include industry, labor unions and academia.

  • To encourage the direct involvement and participation of representatives of industry, academia, labor unions, subject matter experts, and DOE Senior Level managers.

The HSS outreach approach is currently reflected in three program areas:

  1. HSS Focus Group - A forum for interface between union worker representatives and senior DOE managers and stakeholders to address key issues and concerns from worker perspectives, share information regarding HSS activities and programs, and identify potential opportunities to work together to improve worker health and safety at DOE sites.
  2. Visiting Speakers Program - A series of presentations by leaders and subject matter experts drawn from a wide-range of disciplines and businesses to learn from one another in real world scenarios. The Visiting Speakers Program is intended to focus agency attention at the management level to the emerging challenges and issues threatening our national security and economic prosperity.
  3. Organizational Sustainability - As envisioned for DOE, sustainability is an organized management approach for developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies for optimizing the impact of DOE's mission relative to its resources. It enables the ability to turn raw data into a full and integrated view of performance that helps determine weather goals and mission are being reliably and safely achieved without sacrificing the future. The success of DOE's mission is crucial to strengthening the nation's global competitiveness. Due to the significance of today's national strategic issues and the role DOE plays in resolving them, DOE is evaluating/testing the sustainability approach for its applicability across the complex.