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Protocol, Technical Qualification Program - October 22, 2003

October 22, 2003

Technical Qualification Program Procedure (OA-50-TQP-1)

This procedure implements the Office of ES&H Evaluations Technical Qualification Program (TQP) per the criteria contained in DOE Manual 426.1-1 "Federal Technical Capability Manual". Key elements of the program include:

  1. identifying personnel required to participate in the TQP,
  2. identifying, developing, approving, revising and updating individual qualification requirements,
  3. evaluating staff members against the assigned Technical Qualification Standards and documenting the approval of equivalencies,
  4. establishing and updating individual development plans, training plans, and qualification cards to document the learning activities that an individual must accomplish to satisfy established competencies,
  5. implementing a continuous training and requalification program and
  6. maintaining training and qualification records.