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Preliminary Notice of Violation, Washington TRU Solutions, LLC - EA-2004-08

August 30, 2004
Preliminary Notice of Violation issued to Washington TRU Solutions, LLC, related to the Transportainer Procurement and Fabrication Deficiencies at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Department of Energy's Office of Price-Anderson Enforcement (OE) initiated an investigation of the issues with a full review of relevant documentation. In addition, discussions that involved Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office (DOE-CBFO) and Washington TRU Solutions, LLC (WTS) personnel took place in Carlsbad on May 11-12, 2004. Our findings were provided to you in an Investigation Summary Report dated June 25, 2004. An Enforcement Conference was held with you and members of your staff on July 27, 2004, to discuss these fi ndings and to ascertain the WTS response to identified noncompliances. An Enforcement Conference Summary is enclosed.