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Enforcement Letter, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company - August 4, 1998

August 4, 1998

Issued to Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company related to a Repetitive Problem with Instrument Operability at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

This letter refers to the Department of Energy's (DOE) evaluation of the Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company (LMITCO) subject Noncompliance Tracking System (NTS) report for noncompliances with the requirements of 10 CFR 830.120, "Quality Assurance Requirements." The NTS report addresses a repetitive problem of maintaining the operability of radiation monitoring instrumentation and systems referenced in nuclear facilities authorization basis documents. The repetitive problem was identified by LMITCO on February 27, 1998, and reported to DOE on March 31, 1998. Enclosed is a list of prior occurrences that were individually addressed in four NTS reports and two additional occurrence reports.