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Employee In-Processing Forms

The employment forms found in this section collect important and necessary information about you that will be used to verify your identity and eligibility for Federal Employment, capture all creditable Federal Service Time, establish direct deposit for salary payment, and enumerate exemptions for Federal and state Income Tax.

  • SF-144 - Statement of Prior Federal Service - The information collected in this form is used to document all creditable time spent in Federal Service Employment (including Military, Part-time, and Seasonal).
  • DOE F 1600.7 - Applicant Disability/Race/National Origin and Sex Identification - Identifies race and national origin for statistical purposes only; not filed in the Official Personnel Folder.
  • Pre-Appointment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration - Documents certifying registration for Selective Service, as applicable by law.
  • W-4 - Federal Income Taxation Form - Income Taxation Form for the United States.
  • D-4 - District of Columbia Income Taxation Form* - Income Taxation Form for the District of Columbia.
  • D-4a - Certificate of Non-Residence in the District of Columbia (fill in if you do not reside in D.C.) - Certificate of Non-Residency in the District of Columbia.
  • MW-507 - Maryland Income Taxation Form* - Income Taxation Form for the State of Maryland.
  • VA-4 - Virginia Income Taxation Form* - Income Taxation Form for the State of Virginia.
  • SF-1199A - Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (please bring a voided check or deposit slip when reporting for work) - Documents savings/checking account information for electronic salary deposit.

All of the above forms have been combined into one single PDF file for convenience:

* Fill out the form that applies to you.

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