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SES Training and Development

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management sponsors an SES Candidate Development Program (CDP) which is designed to develop a pool of qualified candidates and help Federal agencies meet their succession planning goals. The program provides career enhancement and executive skills development for GS-14 and 15 (or equivalent work experience) employees with high potential for the SES. Participants are selected through competitive merit staffing procedures. CDP opportunities are posted on USAJOBS during open application periods.

Candidate Development Program (OPM)

 In addition to training and developing a continous  pool of SES candidates, OPM provides continuing education to enhance the leadership skills of SES members from initial orientation to briefings, symposia, workshops, and on-going training at facilities across the country.

Briefing Orientation for New SES Members (OPM)   
The Federal Executive Institute and Management Development Centers (OPM) 

Organizations such as the Senior Executives Association (SEA) actively promote efficiency, effectiveness and productivity within the Federal Government by advancing SES skills, opportunities, and professional and ethical standards while enhancing public recognition of federal career executives.

Senior Executives Association  

The Department of Energy's SES Candidate Development Program is intended to produce a cadre of SES-ready federal employees capable of being placed non-competitively into SES vacancies. Although successful completion of the SES Candidate Development Program does not guarantee placement into an SES position, it does result in candidates developing the necessary leadership qualifications. As a member of the Department of Energy Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program, you will have a unique opportunity to develop your leadership competencies and expand your knowledge of the numerous and exciting challenges facing DOE and other similar government agencies. This training will also provide a rewarding and demanding learning experience as you interact with other high potential candidates and current executives from throughout the Federal Government. For additional information  click  the DOE SES Candidate Development Program Link.

The Leadership Development Seminars and Readings by Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) is a comprehensive, list of training opportunities intended to assist all Federal leaders grow in the five Execuitve Core Qualifications and Fundamental Competencies.  The resources listed will facilitate your growth and evelopment as both a Federal employee and as a person, and will be helpful to all levels of leadership in preparing an individual, Leadership or Execuitve Development Plan.