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Departmental elements must subscribe to this service for each employee for a designated period of time, i.e., a trip of 1-10 days, for 30 days, or for a year for frequent travelers. Employees should check with their Administrative support staffs to determine if they are covered by one of the Headquarters contracts. The following services are provided:

Medical Assistance Services

  • provide 24-hour assistance for medical and travel problems
  • provide worldwide medical & dental referrals
  • provide close monitoring of treatment
  • provide facilitation of hospital payment (Departmental element must advance funds)
  • coordinate the transfer of insurance information to medical providers
  • coordinate the transfer of vaccines or blood transfers with authorization
  • coordinate the replacement of prescription medications
  • coordinate the replacement of corrective lenses and medical devices
  • dispatch an appropriate medical practitioner to the employee if needed
  • coordinate the transfer of medical information and records with authorization
  • provide updates to family, DOE, and physician with authorization
  • coordinate hotel arrangements for convalescence

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Services

  • coordinate and pay for a medically supervised emergency evacuation if adequate medical facilities are not available
  • coordinate and pay for 1-way economy airfare to the employee’s point of origin following the evacuation and stabilization
  • assist in obtaining the necessary clearances for cremation or the return of an employee’s remains; coordinate and pay for the expenses associated with the cremation or preparation and transportation of the remains

Travel Assistance Services

  • provide visa, passport, and vaccination requirements; cultural information; general temperature and weather trends; embassy and consular information; travel advisories; and country profiles
  • coordinate emergency travel arrangements
  • coordinate and pay for economy airfare to wherever an employee has been evacuated for an individual designated by the employee if traveling alone and hospitalized for more than 7 days
  • assist in arranging cash transfers of funds
  • assist with the replacement of passports, tickets, and other travel documents
  • refer to attorneys and assist in securing bail bonds or other legal instruments
  • provide translation assistance or referral to local interpreter services
  • provide emergency messages
  • provide referrals for security assistance or evacuation