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POLICY GUIDANCE MEMORANDUM #02 Using Schedule A Hiring Authority for ARRA Positions (Expired)


OPM is authorizing the use of excepted service appointments under Title 5 CFR 213.31 02 (i) (3) to address the needs of agencies to hire additional staff in support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

The Schedule A authority under 5 CFR 21 3.31 02 (i) (3) provides agencies with the flexibility to fill positions on a temporary basis without having to follow OPM's public notice requirements and competitive examining procedures. However, these appointments are subject to 5 CFR 302.301 (a), which requires agencies to "establish definite rules regarding the acceptance of applications for employment of positions covered by this part and shall make these rules a matter of record."