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Employment Solutions Division (HC-13)

Mission Statement

This division develops and implements innovative HCM business solutions relating to corporate recruiting, organizational and workforce development, workforce and succession planning, talent capacity, and diversity outreach.


  • Directing the activities of the Corporate Outreach and Recruitment Council (with representatives from across the Department including NNSA, the Power Marketing Administrations, and the National Labs); including enhancing entry-level and mid to senior level hiring across DOE, furthering the use of automated technology in outreach and recruitment efforts, designing effective marketing and branding efforts to attract the right candidate for the right job, incorporating diversity strategies, and developing measures of success;
  • Designing and managing strategic employment programs that address Departmental and programmatic needs;
  • Providing oversight and direction for Departmental career entry programs (e.g., Presidential Management Fellows Program, Career Intern Programs, etc.) and student employment programs across the Department;
  • Leading and coordinating corporate outreach and recruitment efforts by engaging collaborations with program offices, field sites, NNSA and National Laboratories;
  • Providing consultative services related to current and future planning issues associated with educational and community outreach, recruitment and the development of recruitment strategies, the development of strategic hiring programs, and guidance on implementing hiring flexibilities;
  • Initiating and providing liaison and coordination for partnerships and participation with professional human resource organizations within and outside of government such as the International Public Management Association (IPMA), the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), the Partnership for Public Service, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).