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Administrative Management Staff (HC-1.5)

Mission Statement

This organization is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.  The office provides a variety of services designed to support the senior executive staff and other administrative management activities.


  • Directs planning, oversight, integration, and management of administrative and support systems within the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (HC) organization.
  • Manages correspondence processes and functions, including Executive Secretariat, IG, FOIA, and Congressional correspondence
  • Manages front office support functions, including scheduling for senior executives, management of all-hands meetings, and customer service for walk-in and telephone customers.
  • Leads space and property management functions for HC to include furniture, equipment, hardware, software, and telecommunications.
  • Manages internal personnel administration functions in accordance with Merit System Principles and EEO (such as training requests, IDP tracking, travel requests, personnel actions, performance management, position management, pay administration, employee recognition, and incentives) in collaboration with other HC entities.
  • Ensures physical security compliance (HSO) and continuity of operations preparedness (COOP) for HC.
  • Administers, in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary and the Office of Management, the Secretarial Awards Program.
  • Advises and assists on all administrative policy and program issues impacting HC and its customers.
  • Collaborates with the Performance and Budget Staff (HC-1.2) to ensure integration of financial and staff resources with administrative and support systems for HC.