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Re: NBP RFI-Implementing the National Broadband Plan by Empowering Consumers and the Smart Grid: Data Access, Third Party Use and Privacy

Smart grid provides consumers with unprecedented access and control of their electricity usage, and it provides utilities with the ability to manage the electric grid with significantly greater efficiency. As the end-users, TIA believes consumers will ultimately determine how successful the smart grid can become. For utility-driven smart grid solutions, utilities can only do as much as voter-accountable regulators will allow. The success of consumer-driven smart grid solutions will rest entirely on consumer value and adoption. While consumer preferences for both the manner and the amount of interaction with the grid will vary significantly by individual, the secure provision of energy consumption and pricing data to customers, utilities, and third parties will be critical to the development of the smart grid. Consumer access to data will act as an important catalyst for accelerating smart grid deployment and is critical in enabling the creation of a consumer market for smart grid devices and solutions on the consumer’s side of the meter. Third party service providers will provide additional competition and innovation in providing home energy management services for consumers. The privacy of consumer data and clear policies regarding how and with whom the data may be shared will be essential to consumer adoption moving forward.