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NBP RFI: Communications Requirements- Honeywell Responses To Request for Information (RFI) from the Department of Energy on Implementing the National Broadband Plan by Studying the Communications Requirements of Electric Utilities To Inform Federal Smart

Honeywell is a world leader in automation and control solutions with decades of experience in energy management; today our energy efficiency products and services are found in over 150 million homes, over 10 million buildings and over 5,000 industrial facilities world-wide. We also have hundreds of utilities as our customers.

As a leading supplier of smart controls and with the benefit of our expertise from our large installed base mentioned above, we respond to the DOE’s questions specifically from the perspective of communications between the utility and the controls located on the customer premises; we do not address the entire scope of smart grid communications (e.g., we do not consider communications necessary for phasor measurements, substation SCADA, protective relaying, etc.)